With a simple dream of creating inspiring homes for everyone, the HipVan team was quickly assembled in one afternoon by our van driving around town. But seriously, we're a pretty diverse bunch of dreamers and doers who share the common beliefs of doing work we believe in and making a difference to the world we share. Learn more about us below!

The HipVan squad

  • Danny, CEO

    Nothing gets our CEO more riled up than "but.." so we've learned to stop questioning our ability to make things happen. If you're imagining Danny in a suit and tie, sitting behind an office desk all day, you're so wrong! He much prefers to be in his t-shirt and jeans, running around and getting things done (even designing our cosy office!).

  • Shobhit, CMO

    We have another word for 'nerd' at HipVan. It's 'Shobhit'. Being the numbers-guy, he understands data like no other. His jokes are like that of nerd's too; he cracks them and laughs at them himself. Oh, did we not mention he is a co-founder of HipVan, the most chilled out one.

  • Deborah, COO

    Debs can be seen in a nice dress and heels on TV one day, and her HipVan tee the next while she's getting her hands dirty in the warehouse. A real life superwoman, she can lift heavier things than the guys at her gym can. She loves her jokes & when she laughs you can hear her from across two warehouses.

  • Foong Mei, Accounts

    Foong Mei is a real tough cookie with a molten chocolate center. Even though she's strict on enforcing policies, she's loved by everyone in the team. Some of us (who shall not be named) have tried bribing her for more privileges, but its a 100% fail rate so far. Frankly, we would have it no other way.

  • Elaine, Furniture Buyer

    Elaine is arguably the most adorable team member HipVan has after Xander (but then again, it's tough to compete with a 2 year old). While she is nice to us, she is firm in her negotiating skills. With graphic design background she has great taste when choosing furniture or friends or fiancé! Yes, she's getting married. We haven't received the invitations yet.

  • Winnie, Home Buyer

    Don't be fooled by her young looks. She might not bite, but you can never get past her with bad designs. Thanks to her good taste, we're extremely proud of our home products (especially the rose gold ones that we completely adore!) Despite her lack of design background, she's our in-house Winnie Warhol and that's just one of her many hidden talents.

  • Angeline, Jack of All Trades

    From corporate sales, buying, marketing, operations.. she's done it all. Just like Trump, nothing can stop Angie from achieving what she wants. Aside from her obsession with her Fidget Cube, she's also a social media junkie. Want to know the latest trends? Ask Angie.

  • Wenda, Marketing

    Wenda is very hard working & dedicated. Marketing team is not always very thrilled about that. She is a perfectionist who will drive some sane people crazy with her details. Working tirelessly might be the reason for her non-stop talking & the loudest (read: scary) laugh. She's an energy capsule. A very tiny capsule.

  • Shifali, Marketing

    She loves learning new things both in life and work (her current obsession is nutrition but we hear she's thinking about Krav Maga). A true trail-blazer, she's never afraid of doing things differently. She can be full of herself sometimes (maybe more than just sometimes), but when it comes to work, you're her #1 priority.

  • Jacqueline, Marketing

    If Jac wasn't doing marketing with us, she would be in the running for Asia's Next Top Model. She's the perfect example of beauty with brains. Like her cat, Simba, she is curious too & asks a million questions that leave you feeling exhausted. We all look up to her, not only because she is creative & smart but also 'cos she is the tallest.

  • Natasha, Business Development

    A Disney fanatic disguised as a cool rocker chick, she sure knows how to drive a hard deal by playing it cool. Even though she's the newest in the team, she's already started a bunch of us on healthy water diets. Forget the fact that she herself is a coffee addict!

  • Leoni, Photographer & Designer

    Leoni is a mother to her art work. She invests her time, heart and soul into creating it. Leoni has a great photo styling sense and often can't resist being in front of the camera! If you see a HipVan delivery truck with a banner of a girl, that's her. This Illustrator guru has a gift & she knows it.

  • Cindy, Photographer & Designer

    Cindy is a work of art. She is our creative designer who needs an objective, insight and plan even to go out for lunch. Her eye for details can make you change the shade of grey 10 times. Being the shortest member of the team has not stopped Cindy from taking spectacular photos. We just wish she had a better sense of humour.

  • Sheng De, UI/UX Designer

    With a keen eye for details (and eyes almost touching the screen), no extra pixel can get past SD. Like a dog with a bone, he is ever determined to create the perfect user experience. So much so that he allocates very little time for lunch breaks, and everyday we'll see him running to get food.

  • Bryna, Operations

    She's the girl you wanted to be when you were in school. Effortlessly cool, she could come to the office in sweat shorts and look cooler than everyone else. Bryna may look petite, but trust us, if you'd seen how she lifts the water cooler jug in the office, you will start hitting the gym.

  • Summer, Customer Happiness

    Summer is the office's ball of sunshine. She infects the team with her contagious smile and her bouncing step. HipVan's #1 customer advocate, there's nothing she won't do to make you happy! Summer is the quirkiest of us all and there is only one thing we love more than her passion for good customer service - her wearing socks with sandals!

  • Gerelyn, Customer Happiness

    Mother of the office toddler model, Xander. Gerelyn has more patience than Forest Gump (trust us, Xander is cute but definitely a handful like all little ones), and has a hidden talent to speak like Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh and not the mention, Gerelyn's home-cooked food is to die for! Sometimes we wish we were Xander..

  • Kathleen, Customer Happiness

    We suspect Kathleen was a mermaid in her previous life and if you'd seen her Instagram you would agree too. As a free-spirited mermaid girl, Kathleen is the epitome of work-life balance. She inspires us to live life to the fullest!

You're our biggest hero!

We can go on and on forever about ourselves, but YOU are our biggest hero. You are the reason we are excited to come to work everyday. We are a bunch of diverse people, and you are the glue that holds us together. Now that you know more about us, we would love to know more about you, if you let us! Write in to us at wecare@hipvan.com, and tell us what we're doing right, wrong and everything in between!

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