Our Happy Aesthetic Coffee Corner & Entryway

  • Living with Friends
  • 2 br
  • Condo
  • ~700 sqft
  • Eclectic
  • This is our little coffee nook & display shelf corner! We set it up with neon lights & sunset lamp to create an "aesthetic cafe vibe" (we're both coffee lovers). I like how the light shines through the plant & creates these beautiful shadows on the walls. (The plant & smiley rug are from Shopee)
  • "Good Vibes" neon light from Shopee
  • Our beloved Nespresso machine & Siphon coffee maker!
  • The display shelf
  • Part of our collection of the old skool MP3 players & handphones
  • We chose an enclosed shoe rack so that we can hide all the hideous mess & maintain a minimalistic look. We bought the mirror on Shopee & we always use it to do a last minute check on ourselves before going out of the house.
  • 9 July 2023
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