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  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Hello! We are new homeowners of a 4 room BTO flat, thanks to the HDB SBF exercise! We didn’t go with the conventional themes, as we thought it wouldn’t be a true reflection of us. Instead, we went with a mixture of styles - colonial, eclectic, farmhouse, whatever you name it! Step into our first home and we will show you the changes that we’ve made 🙂
  • Here’s a sneak pic of our living room - a place where we hang out and catch up on Netflix and soccer matches!
  • We largely kept the original 4 room HDB layout, except for knocking down the wall between the master BR and BR2 and sealing the original BR2 door! The combined room is now much more spacious and can comfortably fit our bed, wardrobe and a cozy corner, no regrets for now!
  • At the entryway, the once-plain bomb shelter is painted in an arch shape for a different look, and paired with another arch-shaped mirror. Yes, we love arches and you’ll see more of it! We originally wanted to customise carpentry to hide the bomb shelter but based on actual site measurements, the space was too narrow (can barely fit our shoes) and we decided to drop it to save some $$!
  • In the living area, we mostly use black and brown furniture for our key furnishing items like the sofa, TV console and the sideboard. This gives us more flexibility to include pops of colours for other furnishing or deco items.
  • Most of our furnishings in the living room are also modular, so we can move things around based on our needs. This recliner chair is one of our faves - it’s so comfortable, and can even recline fully (like a flat bed), and we’ve fallen asleep here so many times!
  • This is how the living area looks when the sun is setting. We went with curtains (instead of blinds) in the living room, to add warmth and coziness to the space. We also opted for thermal shaping for our curtains for a more structured look, and now our double pleated curtains look more like s fold ones, highly recommend!
  • Our living area looks slightly different during different parts of the day, and this is how it looks at night… (Did you spot another arch?)
  • Next up, kitchen! We made the not-so-practical decision to do away with top hung cabinets to open up the space, and allow more natural light to enter. We've also done up an arch-shaped niche to create a focal point for the kitchen (thanks to our ID for making this happen!)
  • For our kitchen cabinets, we went with shaker style (fell in love once we saw them on pinterest!) - it's a bit harder to maintain than the regular ones but we feel that it really helps to improve the aesthetics. For the laminates we went with blue, a colour we love!
  • We picked an undermount composite sink for a more seamless look! Our sink is not too big (since we have a dishwasher), because we wanted more counter top space in our oh-so-small kitchen.
  • To complete the look we have in mind, we used mostly gold hardware used in our kitchen (e.g. cabinet handles, wall lights, tap). Really glad that our kitchen turned out ok (deciding on the kitchen layout was one of the hardest decisions for us!)
  • As we are hoping to try cooking more in the new place, we installed a built in oven, and went with a stove for greater versatility. Also opted for a chimney hood - it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing!
  • A little shelfie in our kitchen, with knick knacks in different shades of blue.
  • Behind our dining area, we've built a full height pantry area, to give us more storage space and a dedicated space to prepare our daily cup of coffee.
  • This is one of the most visited areas of the house and one of our favourites! To complement the black wood-like laminate that we chose for the carpentry, we deliberately selected black sockets to match it. Our cabinet knobs are from Italy, loving them so much!
  • Last arch in the house! Since we sealed off one of the doors, we convinced ourselves that it's ok to splurge more on the other one. We've always love french doors and pinterest made us land on this fluted glass black-framed french doors, which will bring us to our combined room! For the other doors leading to this, we went with white ones for it to blend better with the walls.
  • The toilets in our home have pretty different themes - one is brighter and the other one is darker! This is the blue-themed one, with dark blue subway tiles and light blue patterned tiles. To create more playful and vibrant vibes, we picked an odd shaped mirror!
  • We also used a standing sink, instead of the usual vanity cabinet. Less storage, but loving this unique look! While we retained the shower fittings, this toilet is mostly used as a powder room.
  • Here's the dark themed toilet in our master bedroom! The only similarity with the common toilet is just the use of subway tiles and the louver toilet doors.
  • To keep to the dark theme, we even picked a gunmetal toilet bowl haha.
  • And a raw looking table top cement sink (this was so hard to find!)
  • Finally, our bedroom! The dark colours in the room helps to create a soothing atmosphere, and allow us to unwind after a long day.
  • At the other side of our combined room, we've built a row of carpentry for our wardrobe and got some loose furniture for our dresser area.
  • With some extra space, we've also managed to carve out a small area to create balcony-like vibes for chilling and relaxing.
  • This small little high table kinda makes up for the kitchen island that we've always wanted but had to drop because of space constraints. Here we used the same patterned tiles as the one in the living room, for some flow in the design!
  • This area looks much brighter in the day, and the colours on the bamboo blinds are less obvious. We prefer the night look, what about you guys? And... that's the end of our virtual home tour, hope y'all enjoyed it!
  • 19 August 2023
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