Something old and something new

styling bedroom with existing furniture

  • Living with Family
  • 3 br
  • Landed
  • ≥1,500 sqft
  • Free Style
  • We try to make use of the furniture we have from our old place. Only the bedframe and my study table are new in this room. I only use white bedsheets. Sometimes when the bedsheets are worn, I change them out but not the pillowcases and the duvet cover if they are still in good condition. Because of that, the sheets and the duvet cover do not match in design but at least they match in colour. We can choose bed sets with colours that complement each other so that when certain items of the bed set are worn out, we can still mix and match them with others.
  • Got this table from Tao Bao. I used to have a study in my old place. Everything was built in... the bookshelves and a long study table. Obviously, I could not bring them over. Built-in has its advantages. It is so especially when you need to maximize storage and make use of tiny spaces. The disadvantage is that it cannot be moved around. If you have enough storage at home, loose furniture is good. You can move things around to create a different look when you feel like it and they can be moved together with you when you shift to a new place.
  • The 8-panel antique divider used to line the entire wall of my previous home. Now it is split up. Some panels downstairs and two in the room.
  • Besides the fact that this new writing table can keep the mess away, I bought it also because it has a beautiful key. It is very ornate and very Victorian even though the house is no where near victorian.
  • See how the room looks different when only a standing lamp is added next to it.
  • Even the mood at night can be very different by changing the position of the lamp.
  • This other table in the room belongs to my better half. It is made from reclaimed wood and we have had it for quite a number of years.
  • Didn't want to carve out a different space for the study so the lighting in the room played an important role. Though not in complete darkness, it does ensure that when one is at the table, it does not really disturb the other who is on bed.
  • Nor does it disturb if one of us is watching TV and the other decides to sleep, thanks to the wireless headphones.
  • Close up on the panels. The carvings are very intricate and the 8 panels seemed to form a story. Now that they are split up, you read part of the story downstairs and the other part unfolds upstairs. This also adds visual interest to the otherwise plain wall.
  • and then of course, fragrance.... be it in the form of candles, sprays or essential oils.....its important that the bedroom smells nice... come to think of it, not just the bedroom...everywhere in the house.
  • 30 August 2023
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