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Designing our own modern farmhouse.

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  • Couple Living with Kids
  • ≥5 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,400 sqft
  • Classic Farmhouse
  • Welcome to our home ^_^ My husband and I are Singaporean Permanent Residents. It took 17 years for my husband to live in Singapore before he could finally buy a house here. So this is the dream home and the hope house for us and our children.
  • This is a 5-room HDB resale with a Classic Modern Farmhouse theme featuring brick walls and ceiling beams. And you know what? When we bought this house, the brick walls and ceiling beams were already there from the previous owner.
  • Here’s the original layout. When we first saw this house, the previous owner had already demolished the warehouse. What makes this place unique is that there is a cabinet under each window. That's the space we now use for storage.
  • When it comes to home improvements, it's not always necessary to break the bank. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a brand-new door, I opted for a simpler and more budget-friendly approach. Revitalising my existing door by giving it a fresh coat of paint and replacing just the door handle.
  • When you open the door to your home, the first thing that greets you is your entryway. That's why it's of utmost importance to me to decorate it as beautifully as possible. I've opted for a traditional style, incorporating elements like a table lamp, a large mirror to brighten up the space, and carefully balanced heights using stems. I'm currently on the lookout for new baskets to complement the area beneath the table.
  • Choosing the right lighting is crucial for creating the perfect home ambiance. Warm white lights not only emanate a cozy and soothing atmosphere but also have a calming effect.
  • Mix and match dining chairs? why not
  • Well, this house isn't always white and wood; I need some colour in my life too 😄. This is the common bathroom, and I'm still obsessed with the blue colour on this vanity. I'll post more about bathroom later.
  • My Favourite Spot in This House: The Kitchen Island.
  • I’ve Separated the Dry and Wet Kitchen Areas. This is the Dry Kitchen. I've Chosen a Timeless Colour Palette of Wood Tones and White. For a Modern Touch, I've Utilised Glossy White Sintered Stone for the Countertop and Backsplash.
  • Do you believe that this drawer was originally black in colour? Well, I've had it for several years. Because it's still in good condition, when I moved to a new house, I decided to repaint it so it looks new.
  • Could you take another look at the floor plan? This is the service balcony and wet kitchen. There's been a lot of drama and excitement during the renovation.
  • Sneak peek of our balcony :P
  • 18 September 2023
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