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My Cosy Breezy Home - A Palette of Textures and Charms

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  • Living with Family
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Modern Organic
  • Welcome to our cosy breezy home! When we first moved in last year, we had no 'living room'. It was an empty space. We literally sat on the floor to watch the World Cup matches. It took us 6-7 months to curate everything together. We wanted to really vibe with the space before going furniture shopping. We believe a home is a work-in-progress, an ever-changing canvas that should evolve with our changing lifestyle preferences. First thing we got? That comfy white boucle swivel chair. Then, we found the perfect sidekick - a dark chocolate leather sofa that jibed with the dark wooden bookshelf (you'll see that in the next photo). Plus, it plays nice with the white boucle texture and adds some texture mix into the space. This spot also gets the best natural breeze during the day, so we thought, why not bring those chill vibes inside? We threw in some blues in the paintings and soft furnishings to capture that easy-breezy feeling.
  • And here is one of our favourite corners of the living room! We bought the bookshelf to give our pandemic project - Back to the Future DeLorean car model some spotlight! We put together some decorative pieces that we found or received as gifts to match the tones.
  • Our unit type is 4R (BT) with the household shelter located at the entrance. As you can see, we pretty much stick to the typical layout with minimal built-in carpentry to keep the space versatile to mix and match and move around loose furniture. We knocked down two walls - the kitchen partition wall for an open-concept kitchen and the bedroom partition wall for a bookshelf.
  • As we decide not have a TV in the living room, we put up a DIY canvas painting on the wall instead. It helps add some texture to the plain white wall - love it!
  • This corner is a blend of faith and aesthetics. We love the contrast between the matte black doors and the dark wooden floating shelves with the white-washed wooden console table below tying them all together. You might notice that you have put 'freestyle' as the style of our home. The main living space is all about the breezy coastal with a mix of modern mid-century items. But you'll see in our subsequent posts that each room has their own individual styles that are different from the main living space. We did not quite have one theme for the house but just went for what feels right for each room. It's all about fun and embracing what we love, room by room. If you are unsure about a specific theme/style for the house, think about what kind of loose furniture and home decor resonates with you and then decide on the palettes that complement them!
  • 24 September 2023
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