J+J couple living in the sunny east side 🕶️

Our Wabi-Sabi Kitchen 🪨

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Modern Organic
  • Welcome to our kitchen! I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again - I feel that the kitchen is the most wabi sabi part of our house because of the micro cement and walnut laminates against the micro cement-like large tiles. I especially love it when the morning sun hits and there’s this nice golden tint 😍
  • A full view of our kitchen: we opted for a closed kitchen because we knew we would be hosting and cooking quite a fair bit and we didn’t want the house to feel sticky or oily, especially because we are using vinyl. We initially thought we were working with a galley layout for our kitchen but to our surprise, the kitchen is soooo much bigger and more spacious than we imagined and we couldn’t be more thankful 🥰 because we like to host, we decided to get a dishwasher so we can use the time to entertain instead of washing dishes!
  • We opted for big deep drawers as we liked the aesthetic look of it - it made the kitchen look bigger and cleaner. But with a deep drawer, this also meant that you had to find ways to fully make use of your drawer, otherwise most of the top space would just be wasted. So for one of the drawers, we made an inner pull out utensils drawer within the larger drawer so we make full use of the space!
  • A close up of one side of the kitchen - do you see the switch beside the modori utensils set? We opted to have “concealed” switches so the whole kitchen looks really seamless without any switches or electrical points sticking out. How this was achieved was by extending the length doors of the cabinet, as well as the backing of the cabinet, but reducing the length of the actual cabinet space itself. High recommend this for a super seamless look!
  • If you compare this picture to the picture above, you’d realise that we opted in for a drying rack that can be “concealed” or covered up too! It’s open most of the time so that dishes can dry quicker but in the event it’s full and messy and we have guests over, we can simply just close the door to hide the mess so it looks super seamless and neat like in the previous photo. We initially wanted to do a pull down rack but we were afraid the mechanism would spoil and the whole rack would collapse after a while so we opted for a traditional drying rack instead. After a few days of moving in, we decided that we had to get a separate cutlery holder to dry out cutleries because the cutleries would always get lost or trapped in the dish rack so we did an impromptu trip to IKEA to get this cute little cutlery holder! We also got a pull out faucet because our sink is pretty deep - this ensures that we cover every corner of our sink effortlessly :)
  • Last of our kitchen series, I promise! We strongly recommend getting multi use devices - for us, we got the ninja foodi 11-in-1 and it is life changing!!! When we first moved in, we didn’t have gas yet so we couldn’t cook on the stove BUT we could cook in the ninja foodi and we even hosted one of our first housewarming sessions and cooked steak for our guests all using the ninja foodi’s sear/saute function. You can also sous-vide your steak in the ninja foodi (but we were lazy so we got the store to do it for us and we just had to sear it hehe). We use the air crisp (air fryer equivalent) function the most, and also the pressure cooker function to cook delicious meals at a fraction of the time. Having a multi use device would also allow for you to have a cleaner worktop so it’s not so cluttered and also visually more appealing! Being the suckers that we are, we really wanted to keep the entire color scheme for the house so we searched high and low to finally secure ourselves this beautiful limited edition KitchenAid at a discounted price 😍✨ Also, check out our LED strip light - we actually use this more than the ceiling lights because it illuminates the countertop better (or maybe because the switch is in the kitchen whereas the ceiling lights switch is in the pantry and we’re just lazy folks 🤪) but that’s all folks - thanks for touring our kitchen!
  • 2 November 2023
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