Dakota by HipVan

The Dakota collection is the stunning combination of urban industrial and rural. Mainly made of Acacia wood, they make an ideal addition to the modern home style you desire. Furthermore, these pieces exude sophistication with its sleek and classic legs.

  • Dakota Sideboard 1.8m - Image 2Dakota Sideboard 1.8m - Image 1

    Dakota Sideboard 1.8m...

    W180 D45 H82.5 cm


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  • Dakota Tall Sideboard 1.2m - Image 2Dakota Tall Sideboard 1.2m - Image 1

    Dakota Tall Sideboard 1.2m...

    W120 D40 H140 cm


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  • Dakota 6 Drawer Chest 1m - Image 2Dakota 6 Drawer Chest 1m - Image 1

    Dakota 6 Drawer Chest 1m...

    W100 D45 H125 cm


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  • Dakota Wall Mirror 100 x 100 cm - Image 2Dakota Wall Mirror 100 x 100 cm - Image 1

    Dakota Wall Mirror 100 x 100 cm...

    W100 D3 H100 cm


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  • Dakota TV Console 1.8m - Image 2Dakota TV Console 1.8m - Image 1

    Dakota TV Console 1.8m...

    W180 D45 H68.5 cm


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  • Dakota Coffee Table - Image 2Dakota Coffee Table - Image 1

    Dakota Coffee Table...

    W120 D70 H40 cm


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  • Dakota Side Table - Image 2Dakota Side Table - Image 1

    Dakota Side Table...

    W50 D50 H50 cm


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  • Dakota Bookshelf - Image 2Dakota Bookshelf - Image 1

    Dakota Bookshelf...

    W110 D35 H150 cm


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  • Dakota Study Table 1.4m - Image 2Dakota Study Table 1.4m - Image 1

    Dakota Study Table 1.4m...

    W140 D60 H76 cm


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  • Dakota Dining Table 1.6m - Image 2Dakota Dining Table 1.6m - Image 1

    Dakota Dining Table 1.6m...

    W160 D90 H76 cm


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  • Dakota Bench 1.5m - Image 2Dakota Bench 1.5m - Image 1

    Dakota Bench 1.5m...

    W150 D37 H45 cm


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Our Dakota collection uses the premium solid Acacia wood as its core material for the majority of its parts. Known to be a dense and durable hardwood, our Dakota pieces were made to last; withstanding elements. It's rich golden brown colour also makes it the ideal furniture for most modern home styles - urban industrial especially. The sleek black metal accent of all of the pieces further elevates the sophistication of the entire collection. Placed together, the combination of the golden brown Acacia wood and black metal accent achieves the perfect balance between its soft rural and cold industrial elements.
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