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There is no space we can't furnish to make it feel like home. We're pros. We even converted a warehouse into our office! We can let you in on some of our secrets and even throw in free personalised services. Spend more than $5,000 and we'll make sure your office/cafe/hotel will make others jealous.

(Corporate) Partners-in-crime

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Featured Projects

  • Client: ONE°15 Marina Club
    Space: Bistro
  • Client: Barrio by MexOut
    Space: Restaurant
  • Client: Metro Residences
    Space: Service Apartment
  • Client: Goldbell Engineering
    Space: Office
  • Client: Café Melba
    Space: Café
  • Client: Ollie Kitchen & Bar
    Space: Restaurant

Beyond The Fluff

  • Competitive Pricing
    We hate to lose, especially in a three-legged race and having the lowest price. Because we are such champs, we get the best prices for quality furniture. No steroids involved; we win by having stable and long-term relations with our manufacturers.
  • Quality Assurance
    We have major OCD (Overly Checking Da-order) when it comes to quality. No scratch goes unnoticed. And every furniture passes our in-house sumo Hippy-san's squat test. With HipVan, the quality of your purchase is guaranteed.
  • Reliable Delivery
    Let's go! This is 10% weather, 20% strength, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% blood, 50% sweat, and a 100% success delivering in time. Rapping aside, we'll make sure you meet your projects' timeline.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Personalized Service
  • Free & Timely Delivery
  • Free Installation
  • Project Customization

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