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Tasty Muffin Tin (2 Sizes)

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  • We love muffins! Muffins, whether sweet or savory, are always the perfect souvenir for a party buffet, picnic or birthday. With mascarpone frosting, chocolate ganache, butter cream or cream, our mouths water at the sight of the cupcakes. With the 6/12 cup muffin pans from Tasty, you will soon be able to bake and decorate whatever you want. The shape is an absolute eye-catcher in Pastel Teal and with an extraordinary sprinkle structure. The excellent non-stick coating and great heat conduction ensure even baking. When the muffins have cooled down and easily removed from the mold, you can quickly rinse the baking pan by hand without much effort.

  • • Super non-stick coating so that nothing sticks
    • Heat resistant up to + 230 ° C, excellent heat conduction
    • Sprinkle structure for an extraordinary look
    • Easy cleaning - just briefly rinse off by hand
    • The splash of color in your kitchen - in pastel teal!

  • Dimensions

    6 Cup Muffin Tin: W29 D20 H3 cm
    12 Cup Muffin Tin: W35.5 D27 H3 cm

  • Care
    • Assembly not applicable

Customer Reviews

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  • F
    F. K
    14 Jan 2023
    Tasty Muffin Tin (2 Sizes) - 12 Cup Muffin Tin

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