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Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? With pull out beds, you can accommodate more without taking up unnecessary space! Easily stow away these pull out beds when not in use, or pull them out to accommodate more guests! Choose from our stunning selection of pull out beds for sale that comes in various colours, materials, and finishes. From faux leather trundle beds to a single wooden pull out bed, we have them all! Save space, accommodate more guests and create a safe space for your loved ones - these pull out beds are truly 3-in-1.

  • ESSENTIALS Super Single Trundle Bed - Smoke (Fabric) - Image 1

    ESSENTIALS Super Single Trundle Bed - Smoke (Fabric)...

    W110 D212 H102 cm


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    • ESSENTIALS Single Trundle Bed - White (Faux Leather) - Image 1

      ESSENTIALS Single Trundle Bed - White (Faux Leather)...

      W93 D212 H102 cm


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      • Barrett Single Bed - Dark Chestnut - Image 1

        Barrett Single Bed - Dark Chestnut...


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        • Excel Super Single Trundle Bed - Cream (Faux Leather) - Image 1

          Excel Super Single Trundle Bed - Cream (Faux Leather)...


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          The bedroom is your sanctuary, the most personal space in your home where you can unwind and be yourself without any judgements. Within such a safe space, don’t be afraid to let yourself go and bring to life all the interior design ideas that you’ve been inspired by! Choose your bedroom furniture according to your personal tastes and preferences. Make sure you design the place for your ultimate comfort and relaxation – it makes all the difference in helping you rest.

          To begin, start with the centrepiece of your bedroom: the bed frame. Made specifically for the modern Singapore home, our selection of pull out beds can help transform your bedroom into a sanctuary and take centre stage in the area. If you are looking for a bed frame that serves the same function as divan beds, sofa beds, and space-saving wall beds, then look no further than our selection of trundle beds in Singapore. Select from our stunning collection of bed frames made with diverse materials that are sure to suit your style and needs. Time to get a good night’s rest with your new HipVan bed frame!

          H2 Choosing the Right Pull Out Bed for Your Home in Singapore

          Every well-designed bed is a great bed, but the best bed for you can effectively meet your needs.

          When hunting for the ideal bed, space should be taken into consideration. Decide between a single, super single, queen, or king sized bed by finding one that doesn’t take up too much space in your bedroom. Not only do you want to make sure you have a spacious area to lie on, but you’ll want to ensure that you have ample walking space as well.

          Low-lying divan beds are chic and space-efficient, making them the ideal beds for guest rooms. If you’re seeking superior comfort, a bed with a headboard is the right one for you. It offers you the kind of indulgence that you need to enjoy an episode of your favourite NETFLIX show. Suppose you’re in need of a bed that can accommodate more guests without taking up too much space. If so, the trundle bed is your answer. The ultimate 2-in-1 beds, trundle beds are the single most efficient way to save space and accommodate all your guests. You can also consider a pull out daybed to double up as a sofa and bed. Choose a storage bed if you know you will be needing more space. Better yet, consider a 3-in-1 bed that allows you to have both an extra bed and a storage space!

          When it comes to the material of the bed frame, there are two things to consider: design and comfort. You can bet that HipVan has your comfort assured; all that’s left is to find a design that matches the aesthetics and décor of your room.

          Not sure where to find pull out beds in Singapore? Look no further than HipVan. With an extensive selection of bed frames, including trundle beds, metal bed frames, and more, browse our online catalogue of bed frames and cart out with your favourites. Once you’re done with all of that, take it a step further and complete your bedroom set by checking out the best mattresses in Singapore.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Pull Out Beds

          What is the Point of a Trundle Bed?

          Looking for a bed that will help optimise the limited space you have available in your living space? Perhaps you have guests frequently staying over without a place to rest? If your answer is yes, then a trundle bed is the perfect choice for you. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, trundle beds are great for homeowners looking for space-saving beds.

          What is the Difference Between a Daybed and a Trundle Bed?

          A trundle bed is a 2-in-1 bed design that holds two separate mattresses. A daybed, on the other hand, is a type of sofa that is engineered in a way whereby it can be transformed into a bed that can be slept on. This means that a daybed can be used for both sleeping and sitting. A pull out trundle bed frame is more of a bed frame option for homeowners to consider if they are looking for innovative ways to store two mattresses without occupying extra space.

          Can I choose any mattress for a pull out bed?

          The mattress required for a pull out bed can generally be any type of mattress you desire so long as you meet the size requirements. Spring mattresses, latex, and memory foam are all great options to choose from.

          How can I make a pull out bed more comfortable?

          As with other types of beds, there are numerous ways you can make your pull out bed more comfortable. You can consider adding a mattress topper, sleep on a duvet and the like, but the best is to simply find a quality mattress to sleep in.

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