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Renovating a 17y/o Resale Condo into Parisian Chic Haven

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  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • Condo
  • ~1,400 sqft
  • Free Style
  • Welcome to my home! A 1399 sqft resale condo that has been completely renovated and redesigned.
  • As a 20years old condo, it already has a non-typical layout. However, being an interior designer myself, I couldn't resist making some changes to further improve the functionality and style. This was the original layout plan.
  • One of the most significant changes we made was creating an open concept kitchen with both a dry and wet area. To achieve this, we had to shift the wall and door of the common bedroom and move the door of the common bathroom to the other side. It was a bit of a challenge, but we were determined to create a functional space that also looked beautiful. Other changes we made was to ensure there is a bathroom for each bedroom. This is important to ensure privacy and convenience for our family and guests. We also moved the master bedroom door so that a small walk-in wardrobe can be added to the spacious master bedroom, the size of the master bedroom is really big which is not often seen in today's plan.
  • I was inspired by the Parisian chic style to give my home a luxurious and elegant look. I love the details and textures, using decorative moldings, intricate patterns, and textured fabrics to add depth and interest to the space. The use of natural textures also helped to create a light and airy feel, which enhanced the overall look and feel of the space.
  • I have created some 3D renderings, and I believe that the final result looks very similar to the original inspiration.
  • Here are some sneak peeks of our house.
  • Living room
  • Dining area
  • 7 April 2023
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