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Light, Scent, Sound for the Ultimate Cosy-trinity

  • Couple Living
  • 2 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~700 sqft
  • Scandinavian
  • They say every home has it's own cosy corner. If we had to pick, ours would be a tie between the right corner of our sofa and being tucked under covers (with the AC on), in bed. That said, there's cosiness in the daily things we do. Especially with the mood set right. It's a combination of delighting these 3: eyes, nose, ears.
  • This is the said corner of our sofa, just under our beloved mushroom lamp. Yes, it's in the middle of the day, but there's something that the warm 2700k bulb gives off that's a real vibe for reading. You can't hear it, but our favourite Spotify playlist (search: Peaceful Notes) is playing in the background and right by the camera, we have the candle 'a touch of Taipei' from Pristine Aroma burning. Scent notes: blood orange, honeycomb nectar, goji berries.
  • Folding of the laundry is NOT our favourite task, but if the mood is set right (warm lighting, AC, fav playlist or an audio book, and some lavender & eucalyptus essential oils), we can find cosiness in it.
  • We've always found loading the laundry to be a very therapeutic thing to do. Maybe it's the anticipation of the fresh laundry scent after, or that we've already pre-sorted ours so it's just mindless loading. It's always been a thing we just do and find joy in hanging after. The laundry smells comforting, and in a way, perhaps cosy. Our top 3 laundry pod scents have been: Fresh HY in Cherry Blossom, Ka 4-in-1 original, and most recently Walch 9X Sports
  • We had originally planned to get a table lamp each for work, so we only have a ceiling fan with light as the main light source. Overtime, we've come to realise that the sunlight or on dimmer days, the warm (3000k) light from the ceiling fan actually works well enough. So we haven't gotten around to getting one. As with the magic trio for the get-into-work but cosy mode, it was Debussy in my ears, Hooga's diffuser scent in Bergamot leaves and Eucalyptus. This scent is somehow semi-serious (if a scent could smell serious) enough to mean business.
  • Finally, COFFEE. If you walk into a cafe, smell the bakes and coffee and don't feel like it's a hug, then what is? We're a pour-over only household, purely because we can't get our heads around maintaining an espresso machine but still want to be coffee snobs of sorts.
  • In this case, we warm a store-bought pastry in the oven, so as far as cosiness goes, we have the maillard reaction and freshly ground beans to thank. Cosiness is what you make of it. But we fully trust the cosy-trinity of lighting, scent, and sound.
  • 29 May 2023
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