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Self-Designing A Bold Vibrant 2-Bedder With a 23K Budget

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  • Living with Friends
  • 2 br
  • Condo
  • ~700 sqft
  • Eclectic
  • Welcome to my cozy home with bold & bright colours! I really love colour-blocking so I decided to get most of the furniture in 3 main colours (orange x yellow x blue). Most of the furniture in the house are from IKEA, Fortytwo & shopee / Taobao so they're mainly local stores & are easily accessible!
  • We don't have a TV nor a TV feature wall unlike many others so we chose to display art pieces around the house instead. The living room is directly linked to the balcony so we get a lot of natural light in from the full length glass windows.
  • The great thing about the house is that the rectangular layout ensures that there's no wasted space & it combines the living room, dining area, kitchenette & coffee nook together (refer to floorplan). Another feature that convinced us to purchase the house was the high ceiling (~3.3m) & it gives the vertical sense of space which makes the house seem bigger than it actually is.
  • We don't have a full kitchen (which is really suitable for us because we don't really do heavy cooking) & we really like the compactness of the kitchenette. The kitchenette comes with two induction hob, built-in oven, cooking hood & lots of overhead cabinets (which we can't really reach).
  • This is the master bedroom located next to the living room (refer to floorplan). The walls are painted in a colour-blocking fashion with half green & half white to create a vibrant look without being too overwhelming.
  • The second bedroom has a darker theme to it & comes with a loft for dual purpose usage. My housemate uses the area at the bottom as a home office and the loft as her bedroom.
  • This is the floorplan of our flat (the entrance is on the bottom left corner). The flat basically consists of a living room, balcony, dining area, kitchenette, two bedrooms (one of which is a loft) & one dry bathroom & one wet bathroom. The floor area is 732 sq ft (inclusive of AC ledge) & it has a higher than average 3.3m ceiling. We didn't do much renovation & hence the costs of renovation & furnishing came up to about $23K. (What we did for renovation : overlaid vinyl flooring, overlaid bathroom walls, changed out bathroom accessories, installed ceiling lights & paint works)
  • 24 June 2023
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