Our 93sqm filled with memories

Where we usually spend our Wednesdays and Sundays

  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,100 sqft
  • Minimalist
  • Featuring our small and simple service yard where we have our washer and dryer from BOSCH. We also got a 3 tier laundry trolley from Taobao where we store all our clean cloths for cleaning.
  • We decided to purchase these appliances from BOSCH because the washer is quiet and efficient in saving energy. It also has anti-vibration side panels to reduce vibrations and ensure stability during the washing and spinning process. As for the dryer, it has self cleaning condenser which automatically cleans itself and keeps the dryer running at peak efficiency at all times.
  • We removed the service yard door frame as we felt that it was not necessary and this helps to make the place looks bigger. We also asked our ID to remove the indoor drying rack since we knew that we would be using a dryer.
  • We absolutely love the laundry pods from KA as it boosts our efficiency when it comes to doing laundry. Simply pop 1-2 into the washer and it's ready to go! PROTIP: Get a magnetic hanger organiser like mine and you never have to worry about hangers and laundry pegs lying around.
  • 2 July 2023
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