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A Black & White Scandi, Peranakan and Colonial-inspired Inter-terrace

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • ≥5 br
  • Landed
  • ≥1,500 sqft
  • Scandinavian
  • Hi everyone! Welcome to our first post! In our first post we'd like to show you a little sneak peek of our home :) Our home is a resale inter-terrace in the west. We moved in about 6 months ago after the reno completion. The pandemic made us realise how important a home is for living, working and leisure so we scouted for a bigger space for our family. We have 4 kids so moving to a bigger space was always on the cards for us. The external look of the home is really kept clean in black and white with black and white bamboo blinds and ventilation blocks which are very much inspired from colonial bungalows and terraces.
  • Our home is really a mish mash of everything we love! Hence our design style is inspired by Scandi, Mid-Modern Century, Minimalist, Peranakan and Colonial influences. The colour tones in our home are mostly neutral, wood and black and white. Here in the living room, the neutral Scandi-inspired pieces update the previous dated and dark look of the home.
  • We love rattan pieces so a lot of our furniture pieces are also made of rattan. It creates a homely and cosy feeling! Since we have children, the living area needs to allow movement so we chose a set of nesting coffee tables. This allows us to put away the smaller table below the bigger table when we do not really need it. Furthermore, as our children love to use the tables, we added rattan kids-sized chairs so that the space is more functional for them.
  • The Georgestore Pale Lamp is really the piece de resistance of the dining area. It is wide enough to cover a huge area above the dining area! Here we kept to the wooden and rattan look as well so that there is a design flow throughout the house.
  • The view from the dining area.
  • Previously the layout of the kitchen was pretty cramped and small and it was separated into a small dry kitchen and an even smaller wet kitchen. This area perhaps has the most changes in terms of layout as we tore down the walls from the dry kitchen to the wet kitchen and levelled the floor to create an open concept kitchen. We don't really need a demarcated wet and dry kitchen so this open concept kitchen made sense as it really opened up the area allowing a lot of natural light to flow into the home via the backyard area. Furthermore, the glass panels and door between the kitchen and backyard not only update the dated look of the previous kitchen, it adds a cafe-like vibe to the kitchen area which we love!
  • We love a modern farmhouse kitchen so we opted for shaker-style cabinets and included a farmhouse sink and tap. Love the fluted grooves on the farmhouse sink!
  • More black and white patterns here in our backyard! The kitchen opens up to the backyard area which we wanted to keep multi-functional and not just a space for hanging laundry. We have our lounge chairs here so that we have another area to chill or wind down or for our kids to use the space for any wet activities (playing with bubbles, waterplay etc). There is also an area for gardening and growing plants here. It is really a multi-functional space.
  • Our courtyard on Level 3 is another area where we can wind down and chill with a book and coffee. We love the skylight as well which adds rays of natural light In the courtyard, we included the in-trend arch wall accent which is definitely a photo-op area. We also pay homage to local designers here as the furniture pieces are from local designers Ong Shunmugam and Studio Kallang. We added a little tinge of local Peranakan vibe here by using Peranakan-like tiles and the design on the Ong Shunmugam chairs adds on to the Peranakan charm and complements the space perfectly. Hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek of our home!
  • 3 July 2023
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