Farmhouse x Japandi

Dream Farmhouse Kitchen in small BTO

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • The kitchen of our home is definitely one of the highlights of the farmhouse style and we wanted a timeless design which doesn’t compromise on function. Chose white-grey tiles for our backsplash which isn’t the easiest to maintain but added on to the timeless design. This also matches our laminate with the colour “greige” in mind. We also added a front profile to give the illusion of thicker wood being used for the countertop, instead of the usual thin layer of EDL Compact or quartz counter top.
  • We decided to do a closed kitchen as 1) The bomb shelter is smack right in the middle of our unit so we we can’t fully open the kitchen even if we want to 2) We do plan to cook quite abit so a kitchen door will help keep the smell and oil in the kitchen As we have a galley kitchen layout, it is a longer kitchen with left and right side, so we will zoom in on each area to share the details 🤗
  • At the entrance, first thing you’ll see is the fridge. We picked a cream colour (with a marble print design) to match our kitchen and home. Also chose a bottom freezer as it’s easier to reach for heavier items and to tidy the freezer.
  • We knew the kitchen will be farmhouse theme where shaker cabinets will be the main element. You can see it through out the whole space. This is the “hot” side where most cooking are done. We chose the same brand for hood, induction hob and oven, and got a pretty good deal for all 3 items.
  • Touchscreen/motion sensor for our kitchen hood with supposed AI technology… honestly we are not sure about the details as our focus was to find a hood with strong suction power and this was recommend by the staff at Audiohouse. So far so good!
  • There is a small space before our oven and our ID added a drawer to make it functional too as we can keep things like trays and oven mitts in it.
  • We also added a larder drawer on each side of the induction hob to ensure we can easily access the essential condiments and dry ingredients.
  • There’s also open shelves on the left and right side, where deco items can be displayed. We chose to not do top cabinet on the stove side as to ensure the kitchen looks more spacious.
  • We also have our steamer toaster and air fryer on the countertop as we use these appliances the most. The steamer toaster is so awesome for toasting bread, bagels, English muffins etc.
  • On the opposite side, it’s where the water point. Another important element of farmhouse kitchen is the ceramic fireclay sink. It’s not the easiest to maintain and may crack if you drop a heavy pot on it, we took a gamble and went with it. It’s quite deep and wide so we could do all our washing easily.
  • Dish drying rack is not for everyone and we personally like it so we opted for a closed one that can be covered up when it’s not in use.
  • “Where’s your dustbin?” That’s what everyone asks when they visit. Because of the layout of the kitchen, placing a dustbin anywhere will block one of the cabinet. To resolve this issue, we did a pull-out trash drawer right beside the sink.
  • The dustbin is not quite as big as the drawer space so we need to find another one soon. This works for now! It’s been awesome keeping it out of sight and we can easily sweep things from the countertop into the bin when we are prepping ingredients. As for the smell, you really don’t smell much when it’s closed and no bugs (yet, fingers crossed). We do clear the trash daily though.
  • On the same side, we have our beverage corner where the water dispenser and newly added Nespresso machine sits.
  • We planned for one of the drawers right below to hold our most used mugs and glasses. There’s also a drawer in the drawer to hold drink sachets, tea bags and coffee capsules. This allows for quick access whenever we want to make a hot drink or dispense some cold water.
  • Right back at the kitchen door area, a tall unit was built for more storage.
  • Pocket doors were added for 2 of the compartments as…
  • We have more kitchen appliances kept out of sight when the pocket doors are closed. These are what we use less of and still want them accessible so the tall unit is great. It’s a pull-out system so the heat from the appliance won’t spoil the carpentry.
  • This is the view from the service yard. Not the most aesthetic but we thought to saw how it looks after we have lived here for almost 3 months. We truly love our kitchen and can’t wait to cook more meals here 💗
  • 8 July 2023
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