We designed & styled our 5-room BTO ✨

Our Open-Concept Kitchen With Bright & Airy Vibes :)

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,200 sqft
  • Beach Resort
  • Welcome to our modern coastal kitchen that seamlessly combines practicality and aesthetics! 🏡✨ We went for an open-concept layout for two main reasons, and we have no regrets. Firstly, it opens up the space visually and lets more light into the kitchen. ☀️ Secondly, while preparing meals, we can interact with our guests or keep an eye on our kids playing in the living room.
  • In terms of colour palette, we went with crisp white laminates to keep the look bright and clean, and a thick wooden countertop for better contrast ☁️🌞  Our brass handles and knobs are from a Taobao seller with plenty of good reviews - they feel quite solid and the quality is great too! As for flooring choice, we extended our vinyl flooring from the living room into the kitchen so it looks more seamless visually.
  • We are quite lucky to have a long kitchen as this means plenty of countertop space for meal prep. 🍴🥦 We decided on a good mix of storage cabinets, drawers (we have 9) and open shelves. This gave us plenty of storage space, made it convenient to retrieve kitchen utensils/essentials, and where we could display decorative pieces respectively. To prevent food smells in the kitchen from spreading throughout our home, we invested in a powerful chimney hood and switch it on whenever we start cooking. This helps to contain/remove food smells in the kitchen and prevent greasy residue from settling on surfaces, as much as possible!
  • On the opposite countertop, we have our commonly used appliances like the electric kettle, rice cooker, air fryer and microwave oven. We intentionally placed them here so that they are not so visible from the living room or when guests come over - in this way, our kitchen doesn’t look so cluttered! 🤩 To beautify the space, we also hung up an oversized A0 wall art that fits our coastal theme. 🌾 We love that our modern coastal open concept kitchen is a good blend of aesthetics and practicality, and allows us to stay connected with our guests/family members even while busy cooking or preparing meals 😄💬
  • 19 July 2023
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