How We Do & Dry Our Laundry In Our 2-Room Condo Where Space Is Limited

  • Living with Friends
  • 2 br
  • Condo
  • ~700 sqft
  • Eclectic
  • Since we don't have a service yard, we use a portable / collapsible drying rack from IKEA to dry our laundry in the balcony! So the balcony acts as a place where we dine, do gardening, store our bicycles & dry our laundry :)
  • The pros of having a compact & portable drying rack is that it really takes up very little space & is sufficient for both of our clothes but the flip side is that we need additional clothes hangers (to expose the clothes to more sunlight so that they'll dry faster) & we got to take turns sunning our bedsheets. (Oh, if you're wondering why don't we use products like steigen drying rack, it's because of the condo rules :/)
  • There's a washing machine "slot" in the built-in cabinet (original fixtures that came with the house) for us to store & conceal our washer along the corridor in between the two bedrooms. On top of the washer is where we store our laundry basket, detergent & cleaning supplies.
  • Although we like the aesthetics portion where we can conceal our washer from sight, but this also means that the type of washer you're "allowed" to buy is also very limited (we only had 2 choices when we visited COURTS & we chose a 8.5kg washer from LG). (Shoutout to Fresh HY 4in1 capsules (cherry blossom scent), they're the best smelling capsules & they're pretty affordable too!)
  • On the right of the washer is where we store any additional cleaning supplies that we buy in bulk & acts as our "store room" equiavalent.
  • 30 July 2023
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