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From Dust to Dream: Redefining Spaces of 4rm BTO for DINKs

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • As first-time house owners, we found ourselves transitioning from the familiar older HDB 4 Room model to a smaller BTO, which raised concerns about space. We were among the last ones in our estate to receive our keys, so trying to picture the place beforehand was like a wild guessing game. Stepping into our new home, a sense of relief washed over us as we noticed that most of the interior had been tastefully adorned in neutral white tones (except the toilet). This discovery brought a practical advantage, as it meant saving both money and effort on renovating the space. Still, we had our moments of "uh-oh" when we realized some rooms were teeny-tiny, sparking occasional bouts of claustrophobia. And don't even get us started on the dark, gloomy corridor leading to the master bedroom! That part made us crave some natural sunlight flooding through the place. That's where our superhero interior designer swooped in to save the day! With no immediate plans for children, we embraced the opportunity to reimagine and reinterpret our new abode, transforming it into a place that reflects our creativity and individuality.
  • The original layout with the small and dark corridor.
  • After chatting it out with our interior designer, we came up with a plan: we decided to knock down those two rooms that were blocking the windows. Voilà! Our new living room was born—a chill spot to hang out with friends and family. We knew we had to make some sacrifices, but it was totally worth it. When those walls came down, it was like a whole new world opened up. Natural light flooded the place, giving our home a warm and welcoming vibe. Plus, the better airflow made the whole living area feel fresh and cozy. Finally, our dream living room was coming to life! It's gonna be awesome.
  • Also, to make sure our whole house had a good flow, we decided to move the master bedroom door to a new spot. This thoughtful adjustment resulted in the seamless integration of perfect straight lines and geometry throughout the home. We couldn't have been more happy as the shift eliminated any odd corners or beams from the original construction. The whole place just feels more put together and cohesive now, and we love the way it adds to the overall vibe of our cozy home.
  • We were all about keeping things simple and uncluttered, so we made sure to hide all the wirings and pipings discreetly, boxing them up neatly to maintain that clean look we loved. This is a scene before we made the pipings and wirings "magically" disappear.
  • A quick 3D render of the final space: We played around with tiles, patterns, and colours to demarcate distinct areas within our home. This visual representation allowed us to immerse ourselves in the envisioned design, providing a tangible glimpse of how the final space would come to life. As we dive deeper into the details of each space, we are excited to share more in our upcoming posts. So, stick around for an inside look at every nook and cranny of our carefully crafted abode. We can't wait to take you along this adventure of turning a house into a cherished home! Stay tuned, folks!
  • 31 July 2023
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