🏠Snippets of our warm, cosy, humble abode

Slowly but surely | Our Faux Green Corners

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Contemporary
  • A little greenery in the house goes a long way! After moving in, we realised how different plants made our home look. We do not have green thumbs, so having faux plants will do first! But we can definitely see why home owners will start collecting plants at home 😌
  • One without our light! Without the plant, our house will definitely look more dull.
  • Our only living plant was gifted by our Aunt! A snake plant that is easy to maintain, just need to water once every 2 weeks? Definitely a good housewarming gift!
  • Placed another one in our common toilet. IKEA also sells lots of small faux plants which are super cute and good for home styling.
  • More in every corner of the house including the kitchen!
  • Love the heart shape leaves of this IKEA plant! To more real plants in our home in the future hehe
  • 5 August 2023
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