Hello! We’re Clems & Nicole, Easties in a 4rm BTO with our little doggo 👋🏼

Keeping Our Open Kitchen Well Organised | Where we hide the unsightly

  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Our guests’ POV. Having an open kitchen also means keeping our countertop and island clutter-free. We try to maintain an organised open kitchen by regularly decluttering countertops, arranging cooking essentials logically, and utilising storage solutions to create a visually appealing and efficient cooking space. It is definitely tempting to leave whatever we bring home right on the island and takes a bit of effort to keep it neat and tidy; the realities of having things in plain view of everyone.
  • We love how our backsplash enhances the whole look of our kitchen and it just stands out nicely on its own.
  • Minimal storage in our kitchen also means that we can play around with loose furniture. We took time to look for something that fit the aesthetics and also functional at the same time. We had to think through what we really wanted to do with the empty spaces set aside for the loose furniture.
  • Our tips: take your time to plan out the layout. Having built-in carpentry has its benefits, for sure, but its rigidity means there may be limited flexibility on how you can manage the space.
  • Our bar & beverage corner. We would fit our Nespresso machine here but the depth of this is too short so we’re on the hunt for a bigger half height cabinet. Anyone with creative ideas or recommendations, hit us up @street.sixtyone :)
  • We store our Nespresso capsules in an acrylic drawer and it allows us to take note when we're running low in stock!
  • This cabinet houses all our cups from tea cups, sake cups, wine glasses and the 263061274 double wall mugs OOPS
  • We initially had the usual cutlery tray but decided to get this other tray which has compartments to sort other utensils into their designated compartments. Keeping a neatly organised kitchen drawer is definitely Clems’ forte. Ever since we started staying in our own home, Clems has always ensured that the fridge, drawers and cupboards were neatly arranged. OCD much!
  • We had to make a few changes for our bowls and plates, from Taobao to Ikea and finally landed on Crate and Barrel. We were probably not as lucky with the Taobao purchases here, where some arrived cracked and some were scratched easily. It wasn’t easy arranging the bowls and plates too with the limited cupboard space. These things are heavy and utilised often, it’s best to keep them organised according to use and keep them in the lower compartments.
  • 7 August 2023
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