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His & Hers Study Deskfie | Simplicity is The Way

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Contemporary
  • Our study areas are kept pretty simple for two reasons. One, to keep the space versatile in case we need to switch things up (eg. baby room, guest room) in the future. Two, we can't bear to drill into our walls, hence we are keeping them bare for now.
  • HER: With only a laptop required, this gives more leeway to play around with decorative items that adds to the look of the desk. We were going for practicality and did not think much about the theme when we initially opted for a full black desk. However, using the other elements eg. mouse pad, art, candle warmer and pen holder, the desk has been transformed with a softer feminine touch.
  • HIS: The more monitors the merrier. In fact, one extra monitor was taken, oops I mean, given by the wife knowing he wanted such a setup :P To keep the desk from looking too cluttered, we opted for a few knick knacks and a tiny cactus plant.
  • 22 August 2023
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