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Enlivening the Balcony: A Haven for Plants and Nostalgia

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Free Style
  • Plants inject life into any space. We designated the balcony as their haven for optimal sunlight. To safeguard against occasional rain and evoke a touch of nostalgia, we introduced a rattan curtain. Pro Tip: If you find your home lacking warmth, incorporating plants or obtaining a floral arrangement can remarkably infuse vitality into the atmosphere.
  • Different plants come with diverse living requirements. In the case of our cacti and succulents, we installed timed grow lights to ensure they receive the ideal amount of light for thriving growth. Our fondness for smiski figurines prompted us to scatter them throughout the house, injecting a touch of delight into even the most routine moments.
  • Driven by our passion for plants, we took on the creative task of DIY-ing pots adorned with our house logo as well. (:
  • The completed plant pots bring a touch of character to the house.
  • We used 2 Ikea tea towels to protect our washing machine from the soil from the plants and to add a bit of texture to the space. I recommend using different pots to add some texture to the space. We sourced high and low for nice pots, we have a few from Kyoto and Bangkok.
  • We often utilize the common bathroom in our home to water the plants, allowing them to air dry before returning them. We've ever joked about the idea of transforming the entire shower area into a giant terrarium instead.
  • For an added textural dimension, we suggest incorporating a variety of pots into the space. We scoured far and wide to find delightful pots, some all the way from Kyoto and Bangkok. Beakers make an excellent option for plants that don't necessitate extensive drainage needs too!
  • Taking advantage of the drying rack provided by HDB to also hang some of our plants.
  • We've incorporated plants into every available nook and cranny, infusing the space with an extra dose of liveliness.
  • 23 August 2023
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