Bits of a little home in light and shadows + silly cat shenanigans.
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Walk about our quirky, catto-loving space.

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  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • Condo
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Have a seat! Our Lounge is where we spend most evenings winding down from the day's grind, and where we host guests for movie weekends.
  • You would have been greeted by this modest entryway as soon as you stepped in. The large mirror is great for final outfit checks.
  • The balcony is our bonus extension of the living space. Here's where we enjoy quiet mornings with a book or watch planes take off from Changi Airport in the distance.
  • The connected Dining area has a distinct forest green half-gallery wall as its backdrop.
  • A connecting island provides openness and a seamless flow from the Living to the Kitchen, allowing us to be present with our guests.
  • They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and they couldn't be more right.
  • We enjoy baking and this 90cm freestanding cooker + oven is where the magic happens.
  • The hallway leading into the bedrooms has a cosy nook where the cattos sometimes take their naps.
  • Modular bookshelves with our favourite books and items are the main feature of the home office.
  • Where productivity happens.
  • Little lady taking up the most space on the bed.
  • An inviting bathroom is a perfect end to the day.
  • 27 August 2023
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