Hi! We are K&T! Our first home is a 93sqm Scandi-Lux BTO, East of Singapore

My Dream Dining

  • Couple Living
  • 2 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Modern Luxury
  • Our dining room sits 5 pax comfortably (3 on the bench, and 2 on the chair), and maybe even 1 extra pax if we just pull an extra chair over. The chairs are from Taobao and they are AMAZING! However, we've hosted housewarming with almost 20 people at once, and we somehow was able to squeeze 4 on the bench, and slotted in 4 more stools. That comes down to 4 + 4+ 2 = 10 pax sitting around the dining table. Squeezy, but its nice having a conversation like that. Whats more, because it is an open kitchen concept, people could stand around the kitchen (where we also laid out all the food, buffet style), and they could still communicate with people at the dining table! There is also a fan above the dining table - the concept is great, to eat comfortably even if the air conditioner doesn't really reach this area - but we bought the first gen Prism+ fan in the smallest size...and boy oh boy, it barely even make any of our hair sway, even on the highest setting. We have the larger version in the bedroom, and i have better comments on that.
  • I love how the victorian beaded wall added a little extra touch to the space. We were initially thinking of adding a mirror there, but the thought of finger prints AND the cost to install a mirror, made us think twice. The fluted cylindrical table stand is also an eye catching feature in the dining table, that helps add a little more flair to the space and also catches the eye of people entering the house. We also opted to use sintered stone table top, that is consistent throughout the entire house (except the study table, which frankly doesn't require this material). The marble effect of the stone helps to elevate and bring the "lux" in our "Japandi Lux" home.
  • Here's a raw photo of the area before the sintered stone table top was installed. Here you can see the brass strip that is supposed to add an accent ti the table tops, and of course add that little bit more "lux" effect to the home. Looking back at these photos, make me feel like we've come a long way since renovation started!
  • 27 August 2023
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