Our forever home in a 1367sqft resale condo.

The most expensive tile is in this toilet!

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 4 br
  • Condo
  • ~1,300 sqft
  • Contemporary
  • Our girls have an en suite bathroom in their room and we gave them full rein as to what colour and theme they wanted for their rooms. Thinking back, maybe we should have set a budget for them to adhere to. Some of our friends, upon hearing that we were letting the girls choose their own room paint colours, bathroom tiles told us that we as parents should have just decided for them. For us, here's our thought process. They are not young (8,12) anymore and have their own colour and theme preferences. You would be able to see their different personalities shine through their choices. Also, by letting them choose, we are hoping that they would take ownership of their rooms and bathrooms and keep them clean. This is my preteen's bathroom. She is very proud of her bathroom and spends alot of time in it lol!!!
  • this was the first 3d render from ID. at that point ,my preteen just told ID that she likes blue. she did not like the featured tile at all! she said that it was too messy.
  • this was her final 3d render of her bathroom. this was after bringing her down to hafary with her strict requirements of the colour shade and shape she wanted.
  • Of all tiles in hafary, she had to have eyes for this particular tile. and of course it had to be made in Italy and cost $9.50psf!!! We tried to draw her attention to other blue tiles in other shapes but nothing could come close to this time that she set her eyes on. Since it was a small wall to be tiled, we let her have her choice. but still 💸💸 to make a preteen happy. and so the most expensive tile is NOT in my room but rather in my daughter's room. 😅 Would you have chosen the $9.50 tile? it seems to be a popular choice nevertheless as it s out of stock at Hafary now, so i have tagged the series code in the tags
  • but it is really a beautiful tile and the colour is vibrant and adds colour into her small sometimes dark bathroom.
  • We then bought the vanity from a carousell seller that brings them in from China instead of doing custom made vanity. Also instead of a round mirror like e 3d, we opt for an oval mirror to elongate the space.
  • 31 October 2023
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