Our blue farmhouse style open concept kitchen!

  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Welcome to our blue farmhouse style kitchen! A distinctive feature we have is the arch niche shelf - this was actually something we really wanted right from the start to inject some fun into our kitchen.
  • Our BTO came with an open concept kitchen by default and we went along with it. This helps to make the space feels spacious but one downside is that we can't really do heavy cooking (and expect the house to be clean)!
  • Some of our guests have been asking whether there are drawers in our kitchen cabinets. Yes, we do! They are tucked behind the doors, so we can keep to a relatively symmetrical exterior for the kitchen cabinets. Great suggestion from our ID!
  • This is how the internal cabinets look like during reno and how it has transformed to what we have now. Loving it!
  • We also installed a blum spice rack, but still in the midst of filling this up with actual spices hahaha
  • Again, how it looks like during reno, if anyone is curious.
  • At the corner of our L shaped kitchen, we usually put our commonly used kitchen appliances like the kettle and bruno hotplate (we kinda use it like a mini induction cooker!). If we need more countertop space, sometimes we will put the appliances in our kitchen cabinets.
  • We catered for four sockets at our kitchen - better to have more just in case!
  • Here's our washing area! Most people install dish racks in their top hung cabinets, but since we don't have them, we made do with a small dish rack at the side of our sink. If there's not enough space, we will just use our dishwasher heh.
  • And here's our cooking area! Because of the open concept kitchen, we tried to compensate by getting a stronger chimney hood to attempt to absorb more heat/ grease from the kitchen when we are cooking. While this definitely helps, nothing beats having a closed kitchen if that is your key concern.
  • A somewhat unconventional decision in these modern times - we went with a stove instead of induction. We thought this would give us more flexibility on the heat/temp control and could inspire us to cook more (need to do more of this!)
  • And.. last but not least, introducing the MVP of our kitchen! This small ceiling fan really helps to cool down the kitchen when we are cooking and improve ventilation. Highly recommend!
  • 20 November 2023
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