Metal Beds

Solid, durable, and built to last long, metal bed frames are the perfect choice. Available in a range of designs, sizes, and colours, choose from our stunning selection of metal bed frames. From single metal bed frames to steel double beds, we have them all!

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    Ines King Metal Bed...

    W188.5 D199 H86 cm


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    Ines Single Metal Bed...

    W96.5 D199 H86 cm


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  • Owen King Metal Bed - White - Image 2Owen King Metal Bed - White - Image 1

    Owen King Metal Bed - White...

    W183 D196.4 H90.5 cm


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    • Owen Queen Metal Bed - Black - Image 2Owen Queen Metal Bed - Black - Image 1

      Owen Queen Metal Bed - Black...

      W152 D197 H90 cm


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      • Owen Super Single Metal Bed - Black - Image 2Owen Super Single Metal Bed - Black - Image 1

        Owen Super Single Metal Bed - Black...

        W107 D196.4 H90.5 cm


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        Shop Metal Bed Frames Online in Singapore

        Made specially for homeowners looking for a bed frame that is easy to clean, maintain and particularly versatile, our range of metal bed frames are the perfect fit for any modern home in Singapore. If streamlined designs and a virtually indestructible support base for your mattress are what you are looking for, then all you’ll have to do is pair any of these metal bed frames with a plush mattress and you’ll have yourself an ideal space for a night’s rest. With so many metal bed frame designs to choose from - from simple matte black steel beds to sophisticated options that are complemented with wooden accents, find a metal frame that suits your lifestyle and needs best. Time to fall into a deep slumber with your new HipVan metal bed frame!

        Choosing the Right Metal Bed Frame for Your Home

        Size: When choosing the right bed frame for your bedroom, determining the optimal size is a must. Are you sharing the bed with someone else or going to have the bed all to yourself? Depending on this, it is only natural that the size of your mattress changes too. Therefore, once you have picked the right mattress size, pick a metal bed frame that can hold your mattress. Be it a single metal bed frame or a King-sized one, HipVan has several options on sale!

        Design: Are you looking for a steel bed frame with a gently curved headboard? Or does your bedroom feature a rustic industrial style, making wood and metal combinations the ideal choice? At HipVan, we carry options that are the perfect backdrop to any kind of bedding and design scheme.

        Material: There's a certain charm about wooden accents on a bed frame. They have the innate ability to transform any space and pull everything together. Metal legs on bed frames complemented by dark stained wooden headboards are also a great centrepiece for any bedroom. But if you are looking for something crisp and sharp, then our scratch-resistant metal frames that come in black and white are also worth considering.

        Not sure where to buy steel bed frames at an affordable price in Singapore? Look no further than HipVan. With an extensive collection of bed frames including ones that give off the same vibe as a sofa bed or single metal bed frames with wooden accents, browse our online catalogue today and cart out with your favourites.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Bed Frames

        1. Do Metal Bed Frames Rust?
        This highly depends on how much effort is put into the maintenance of the frame. In general, metal bed frames do not require much maintenance - simply prevent over exposure to moisture, clean and maintain your frame frequently, and you can rest assured that your frames will last. Moreover, most of HipVan’s furniture products are covered under a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

        2. How Long Will a Metal Bed Frame Last For?
        It is a widely known fact that if you are looking for a bed frame that will hold up for years, you will not find a more durable option than frames made of solid metal. And if properly maintained, steel metal bed frames can last for 15 years and up.
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