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Solid wood furniture are fancied for their premium feel and luxurious look, an everlasting furnish that is never going out of style. They are also highly versatile pieces that can suit all home styles – from Scandinavian to Industrial. Complemented with our iconic designs, these collections are your best bet for achieving the stylish abode you desire.

  • Cadencia by HipVan

    Cadencia by HipVan

    19 products

  • Leland by HipVan

    Leland by HipVan

    18 products

  • Catania by HipVan

    Catania by HipVan

    21 products

  • Todd by HipVan

    Todd by HipVan

    12 products

  • Gianna by HipVan

    Gianna by HipVan

    13 products

  • Atticus by HipVan

    Atticus by HipVan

    17 products

  • Maia by HipVan

    Maia by HipVan

    10 products

  • Maeve by HipVan

    Maeve by HipVan

    10 products

  • Dakota by HipVan

    Dakota by HipVan

    12 products

Timeless Furniture For All Your Decor Needs

Solid wood furniture is valued for its premium feel and luxurious look; their iconic, everlasting furnish is always in style. Wooden furniture is versatile and can suit most styles and tastes from Scandinavian to Industrial. Our wooden furniture is made with iconic, timeless designs which are ideal for helping you achieve the stylish decor of your dreams.

Clear the misconception that wood furniture is plain and mundane with a lack of variation, our stunning assortment of solid wood furniture is available in varying shades and patterns. Incorporating complementary wood shades, we have created unique designs and patterns that can definitely increase the visual interest of your home.

Shop Stylish Solid Wood Furniture Online in Singapore

Solid Wood Dining Suites

Solid wood dining suites embody elegance and grace. They elevate any dining space, giving it a grand yet understated feel. Our wooden dining sets are always on trend which is good because they last forever! Not only is solid wood furniture timeless, it's sturdy too, able to stand the test of time whereas cheaper or poorer quality pieces break. Shop our extensive range of solid wood dining furniture today!

Wooden Tables and Chairs

Our range of classic solid wooden tables and chairs are perfect to integrate into all decor styles. We have unique designs and patterns in Scandinavian, minimalist, modern and industrial styles so you can browse tables for all your interior decorating needs. You can pair our light solid wood dining table with a solid wood dining bench to achieve a minimalistic look.

Buying Solid Wood Furniture Online in Singapore is Easier Than Ever!

Buying furniture online can seem daunting- will the colours suit your decor? Is the size suitable for your space? HipVan makes buying solid wooden furniture online as painless as possible. We offer a delivery and return service throughout Singapore which operates every day of the week so you can buy wooden furniture online risk free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Solid Wooden Furniture in Singapore

How do I look after my solid wood furniture?

Our wooden furniture is designed for easy use, that means that aside from keeping your furniture clean with a damp cloth, our solid wood furniture doesn’t require much more maintenance. If the wood is looking a little dull, try a light coat of wood polish or some soapy water and it will look as good as new!

Do you offer solid wood bed frames?

Yes we do! Our range of solid wood furniture is always changing to accommodate new styles and innovations. Check out our latest range of solid wood bed frames or browse our sales page to see if you can snatch up a good deal on your solid wood furniture!

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