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Rectangular dining tables, round dining tables, extendable dining tables. We got them all.

Owning the perfect dining set can add to the grandeur of your home and tie together the theme in your overall design. Sometimes life changing decisions are made on the dining table. Like humans, dining tables come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes too. You need to find the one that fits right in, in your home! It is only the second most important furniture in your home, after sofa. No pressure.

Narrowing down on the dining table you love is easy when you know what you are looking for.

Size: This is the most basic question you need to answer. Are you lookign for a 4 seater dining table or a 6 seater or 8 seater dining table for bigger family or to entertain guests? In a limited space, round dining tables can accommodate more people by simply squeezing in an extra chair, while square dining tables are compact and cosy. Extendable dining tables is a great way to entertain more people in a small space.

Colour: We have an exclusive range of dining tables that come in different shades. White dining table for the light-coloured theme and a more whimsical look. Natural oak dining table if you're going for a more Scandinavian look. Walnut dining table for a classic look. Narrow down what shade of colour would suit best in the house before beginning to look.

Material: There's a charm about wooden dining tables. They make the space look complete and together. Dining table with metal legs are great to create a more industrial look. Choose your pick.

Finding the perfect dining table is like a rollercoaster ride; just when you think you're close to the end, there's another round! Let us make this ride an easy one for you.