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Balmuda The Toaster - White



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Enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience with the premium Balmuda Toaster.

The BALMUDA fires to toasty life in 2 minutes, filling the kitchen with the ambrosial smell of fresh bread and making breakfasts just that much more special.

Beloved by fans as "The Perfect Toaster", it has 5 dedicated toasting modes that can bring stale bread back to fluffy, moist, lightly chewy life!

With it's patented water steaming technology, only the top of your bakes will be toasted to the perfect golden brown finish, locking in moisture for the perfect contrast of crisp/crunchy and fluffy /warm - just like freshly made bread.

There is also a classic mode with 3 temperature selection so you can cook and bake other foods as well.

Whether you go for the ivory or black, both finished in a tasteful, understated yet elegant matte feel, it’s a meaningful gift to remember - and use - every day.

Assembly:Not applicable
Key Features

"- Patented steam technology that locks in moisture and revives stale bread
- Temperature Range: up to 250-degree celsius
- Power: 1300wattage
- Voltage: 220-240v
- Plug Type: 3 pin plug


Width: Outer 35.7cm, Inner 27.4 cm
Depth: Outer 32.1cm, Inner 20.4cm
Height: Outer 20.9cm, Inner 17.8cm

Materials & Care
Warranty:1 year

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