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Designer Replica - Sofas

Choosing between stylish furniture or saving up? Well, with our modern designer replica couches you get to choose both! These couches will help you achieve the iconic living space you have always dreamt of at affordable prices. Of course, we would never compromise on comfort as well.

  • Benton 2 Seater Sofa - Black (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton 2 Seater Sofa - Black (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W130 D80 H80 cm


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  • Benton 3 Seater Sofa - Black (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton 3 Seater Sofa - Black (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W180 D80 H80 cm


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  • Benton 2 Seater Ottoman - Black (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton 2 Seater Ottoman - Black (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W122 D58 H41 cm


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  • Benton Ottoman - Black (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton Ottoman - Black (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W64 D58 H40 cm


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  • Benton Daybed - Black (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton Daybed - Black (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W198 D98 H41 cm


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  • Benton Chair - Tan (Genuine Cowhide) - Image 1

    Benton Chair - Tan (Genuine Cowhide)...

    W80 D82 H81 cm


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    Buy Designer Replica - Sofas online in Singapore

    Buy Stylish Designer Replica Sofas Online in Singapore | Designer Sofa Replica Singapore | #1 Online Furniture Shop in Singapore

    Shop Designer Replica Sofas Online in Singapore
    Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? Our replicas of designer furniture will provide both aesthetics and comfort while maintaining fair pricing. Made of quality materials our couches are bound to last and provide maximum comfort. Now, you will have a chance to own one of these classic pieces in your living room, so be prepared to impress!

    Why Designer Replica furniture?
    Iconic and functional designer furniture are now staple pieces of beautiful living spaces. These classic pieces will never cease to impress. Get these iconic furnishing at affordable prices, built without compromising on quality and crafted to endure the test of time.

    Our replica furniture collection has been carefully crafted using premium materials and based on the specifications of the original designs. These furnish are of high quality and sourced from factories with stringent quality control. Whether you are searching for a dining chair, sofa or lounge chair, we have got you covered!

    Designer replica furniture online? How does it work?
    Most of the time, buying furniture is a big step; buying furniture online seem like an even bigger step. But once taken, you will never look back. Why? Because furniture online is more affordable than the furniture found in retail stores without having quality compromised! Furthermore, shopping for furniture online allows for easy comparison between a plethora of options without leaving the comforts of your own home.

    Three things to look out for when buying your sofa - Size, Comfort & Style
    1. Size: Pull out a measuring tape and note the length and breadth of the available space you can work with. Compare the measurements with the dimensions of each sofa to avoid no-walking-space disasters.
    2. Comfort: You may have enough space to walk, but if you don't have a comfortable sofa to sit, it would be a disaster too. Comfort depends on your individual taste and preferences, do you prefer a soft or firm sofa? Check our seating firmness rating to find the most comfortable sofa for you!
    3. Style: They say the interior design of a home is the projection of the owners' style. What style are you trying to project? Scandinavian, minimalist, modern contemporary? Keep this style in mind and always think of the big picture - choose a sofa that matches the rest of your furniture. Pair your sofa with decorative cushions or rug to achieve greater visual interest in your living space!
    Once you have decided on these attributes and price range, it becomes substantially less daunting to look for sofas online. You'll thank us later.
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